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New construction Photos!

By chris / March 19, 2022 /

The Villas are almost ready for move-in! interior finishes and furniture, landscaping and the final touches are all happening right now. As of this posting there are still 4 units available for sale. See available properties here.  

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Windows, doors and exterior finishes are installed in units 1 and 2

By chris / December 15, 2021 /

Windows, doors and exterior finishes are installed in units 1 and 2. The remaining units soon to come! #seabirdbelize #BelizeLiving

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Seabird Villa Roof Construction

By chris / December 1, 2021 /

The roof structure is almost complete on the first Seabird units! In this photo, you can see the deep verandas built into each unit on the lagoon side. #belizerealestate #seabird #belizeliving

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New Aerial Photos of Seabird Construction Site

By Beth Spaman / November 24, 2021 /

We got new drone footage of the construction site and of the Placencia Peninsula overall. Beautiful to look at!    

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4 Units Nearing Completion

By Beth Spaman / November 6, 2021 /

Seabird Belize construction is progressing steadily at the building site on the Placencia Peninsula in Belize. This gorgeous nearly perfect architecture is adapted for the boating lifestyle. Every home’s location will stun you with incredible views of the beautiful lagoon and the Maya Mountains. This week’s construction photos include the view down he center of…

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Investment property at Seabird Belize pays for itself in 7 years.

By Beth Spaman / October 12, 2021 /

For the past 5 weeks, Seabird villas 1-5 have been brought from excavated foundations to almost complete. They just announced they are starting on villa 6 today. Isn`t that awesome? The construction progress will only get faster from here on out: There are only 63 more days left for the rainy season in Belize, which…

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Underground construction nearly complete

By Beth Spaman / September 24, 2021 /

Hard to Belize 2 weeks ago we woke up to having our permit to build. Here’s a photo of one of our villas receiving its 24 foundation piles, each 20” in diameter. Today we  have completed the underground work for 4 villas and at the end of the day, we will have completed 6.  …

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Breaking ground – Seabird Belize construction begins!

By Beth Spaman / July 19, 2021 /

We are proud to show this sneak peek of the Seabird Belize project as we begin preparing the site to receive the 14 units of Phase 1 construction. Watch the video here.     In the video you can see the lagoon and some of the islands. Finally, it shows the area, next to the…

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