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Why buy property in Belize now?

By Beth Spaman / June 22, 2021 /

WHY NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY BELIZE REAL ESTATE Year-over-year Belize real estate has seen exponential gains in Real Estate value. However Belize real estate is still undervalued when compared to similar destinations in the market. Whether you are planning to move to Belize, retire there or diversify your real estate portfolio, Belize is…

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Placencia Living

By Beth Spaman / May 24, 2021 /

Featuring photography by Charles Leslie Jr Interested in retiring to the Caribbean? Wanting to find a peaceful oasis close to a thriving ex-pat community? Looking for affordable real estate in Belize in a beautiful and easy to reach location? Well look no further than Placencia living! Where is Placencia, Belize? Placencia is a peninsula on…

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