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Ask Us About Our Luxury Housing Community in Placencia, Belize

We, at SeaBird, began our project of creating a luxury housing community in Placencia, Belize, at the start of 2021. The idea was to provide people with the opportunity to secure homes by one of the most beautiful beaches in Central America. Thus, we dedicated enough time for careful planning and did not take any deposits up until the 1st of May, 2021.

We are now extremely proud to announce that deposits for Phase 2 Construction (units 15-25) in the luxury SeaBird community are now live. You can place your deposit and become a luxury beach house owner just at the shore of the gorgeous, bright blue Caribbean seam. 

Whether you’re a local or a foreigner, the process of securing property in Placencia, Belize is secure and straightforward. Also, not only can anyone own property in Belize, but foreigners enjoy the same property rights that citizens of Belize do. 


To secure your spot, please download the our Reservation Form or fill out the contact form below.

download our brochure

Contact Us

When you’re ready to know more about how to make a deposit at SeaBird, contact us by filling the form below. A representative of ours will get back to you ASAP and guide you every step of the way of securing your luxury house in Placencia.

Get in Touch with Us

We have hired Boris Mannsfeld & Associates as our realtor for Seabird. You may reach out to them directly to inquire about available units and to make a deposit!

If you’d instead prefer to call us and speak to a us directly, we are happy to accommodate that as well. Call us at:

 +1 (760) 509-6858 

For queries on email, you can always write to us at the following email address.

If you’d like to visit us and take a look at the site where your luxury home will be made, we’re happy to show you around at:

Vista Cove, Placencia, Belize

We aim to put your mind at ease regarding whatever burning questions you may have about the luxury beach houses in Placencia by SeaBird. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us, and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. 

While you wait for a response from our team, be sure to visit our detailed Frequently Asked Questions page. There, we discuss several important aspects of SeaBird and how easy it truly is for you to secure property in this paradisal land. 

For more information on our story and what drove us to make SeaBird a reality, be sure to visit our About Us page. The more you know about how special this project is to us, the better you’ll understand our commitment to excellence. 

**The following OPTIONAL items are not included in the sales price and each person will have to pay for them separately.

  • Furniture:
  • Grill
  • Pizza Oven
  • Pool
  • Carport
  • Appliances

Contact us to inquire about prices for these add-ons.