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Unit Plans

Luxury Beach Houses in Placencia, Belize

SeaBird provides luxury beach houses in Placencia that are built to your exact specifications. As a result, you can truly feel at home the moment you step inside your house.

Streamlined Design for Your Unit Plans

At SeaBird, we employ only the best designers, architects, and engineers from both the United States and Belize. Therefore, our trained team of professionals understands the land well, ensuring that your house is created perfectly. 

Our team also ensures that your vision is met through a streamlined and collaborative approach. All you have to do is provide us with your specifications, including the interior’s aesthetic design, lighting, etc., and our professionals will implement your ideas to the best of our ability.  

At the same time, we continue to provide options during the designing stages and visual samples so that you can get a better idea of how your luxury house will look when it’s completed.

Take a look at the floor plans below for a better understanding of what your home in this resort-like community will be like.

Click on the  panorama markers (  ) below for 3D views of the unit interiors.


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Exploded View

Exploded Axon

Features & Furnishings

There are few feelings better than waking up every morning to witness the rising sun dance on the reflection of the beach waves. That, coupled with the sound of waves crashing powerfully yet gracefully onto the shore, makes a stay in a beach house an unforgettable experience. 

That said, that experience is infinitely more captivating when the home you wake up in is basked with elements of luxury. Perhaps what adds to that further is the fact that those elements are build-to-suit. Therefore, the features and furnishing options are provided based on the client’s requests for every one of the luxury beach houses in Placencia by SeaBird.

 When you purchase a unit, you will have access to: 

Luxurious and elegant gourmet kitchens that are spacious and equipped with top-quality appliances for those that love to cook

A complete high-end bathroom with luxurious bath fixtures and accessibility features for maximum comfort and ease for all residents and guests

Custom-designed cabinetry and lighting to help make your house as personalized as possible


At SeaBird, we understand how much you care about what your home will look and feel like. Therefore, we handle all parts of the concrete architecture, spacious and modern outdoor living space, and gorgeous and elegant interior.

SeaBird is proud to announce that we’ve started accepting deposits for you to become a part of our luxury housing community in Placencia, Belize.

Learn more about our units to find the perfect one for you and your family. When you’re ready, contact us, and we’ll guide you every step of the way of securing your luxury house in Placencia.

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